Small Fire

Honor. Connect. Transform.

Honor. Connect. Transform.

We are Small Fire, a group of dedicated restorative justice practitioners offering a vision for just, equitable and effective work environments and communities.

Bringing a wealth of experience in practicing, teaching, managing, and consulting in the arenas of restorative practice and creating whole and healthy communities, we invite you to explore our services and resources for your benefit and the benefit of those you serve.

The human act of gathering around a small fire to experience warmth, connection, rejuvenation and renewed passion for work is the inspiration for our name.

We welcome your inquiries about the possibilities for growth and transformation in your organizations and communities.


Communities and places of work thrive when people feel they belong, matter, and each has something meaningful to contribute. These feelings are fostered through shared values that are the heart of community. Values foster authentic connection between people across generations, cultural backgrounds, and other differences and unite each person in a common purpose. Communities that proactively and intentionally develop mutual trust and understanding among members across differences create a culture that encourages creativity and promotes growth. A culture of caring, collaboration, and compassion discourage actions and decision that contradict shared values or are overtly rooted in forces of power and oppression and cause harm to individuals, relationships, and our entire community.


We use a restorative justice framework to join with all forms of community - cities, neighborhoods, school districts and schools, businesses, organizations, communities of faith and other ways people come together - to strengthen the extent to which all members feel they belong, have authentic relationships with one another, and feel competent in contributing to the realization of a common purpose. We partner with communities to develop and actively maintain healthy and productive cultures that demonstrate a shared commitment to everyday justice and equity. We support people to examine ways forces of power and oppression are seen, heard, and experienced and to guide decisions and take action that honor impact over intent.


Each person’s strengths and potential to contribute in meaningful ways

Lived experiences and identity

Dignity and well-being

Social and emotional intelligence

Risk-taking and resilience

Impact over intent

Justice and equity


Authentic relationships

Cultural awareness and humility

Mutual understanding through use of inquiry

Inclusive communication

Affirmed individual and collective identity

Shared values and goals

Trust and collaboration

Collective commitment


Conflict into opportunity

Discomfort into growth

Grief, pain, and suffering following critical incidents into restored balance and well-being

Traditional hierarchical leadership into inclusive, distributive leadership

Discrimination, racism, and oppression into cultural awareness, humility, and activism

Perpetuation of white supremacy into justice and equity

Wrong-doing, harm caused, and needs created into shared responsibility, increased caring and connectedness, and resolution

Punitive, compliance-driven approach to restorative, growth-oriented approach

Culture of caring, collaboration, and compassion

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Training / Professional Learning



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Workshop series

Intensives (day-long)

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